How to Recognize Fake Casino Chips From Real Ones

As you already know, casino chips are small, clay/ceramic coins that are used by players for placing bets in casinos. Their main purpose is to act like a normal currency and they’re the most valuable asset in both the physical and online gambling world. In fact, they’re so valuable that people have started manufacturing fake ones. So, how can you tell if you’ve got a fake one? Here are 5 things that you can check in order to recognize a fake casino chip:

1. First Things First – Check The Colors


In the past, each casino had its own colors for its chips, however, nowadays, the colors are mostly the same and each of them represents a different amount of money. The blue ones are valued at $1, the red $5, the green $25, the black $100, the purple $500, and the orange ones are valued at $1.000. Hence, if you, for example, get a green token with the value of 100 dollars, you’ll be able to easily determine that it is fake.

2. They’ll Feature a Marking + Logo

The marking and logo on the tokens will tell you which organization produces them. They’re the same as any other currency in the world and each casino will have its own set of chips. The easiest way for you to determine whether or not you have some fake in front of you is to check and see the marking and logo. Keep in mind, whether they’re different or entirely none existent, the tokens you have are most likely fake.

3. They’ll All Have Tracking Gadgets


Every reliable gambling organization will acknowledge that there are people that might try to trick them, which is why companies such as UFABET choose to place tracking gadgets within their chips. Hence, if you aren’t sure about the legitimacy of the tokens you’ve received, you could always ask a worker in the casino to check whether or not there are tracking devices located within the chips – especially the ones that carry a higher value.

4. They Have Invisible Markings

You should know, each chip available will have an invisible marking printed out with special ink and this type of ink can only be seen under UV rays. Now, of course, you most likely won’t be carrying a UV light with you while you head to your favorite gambling spot, but, if you aren’t sure about the chips you have, you could, again, ask one of the workers to check them for you. By doing so, you’ll know that the chips are fake and they could be removed from circulation as well.

5. The Materials Used For Manufacturing Them


Last on our list, but equally important is the fact that you can check the materials and see whether or not a token is fake. Now, most of them are manufactured from either clay or ceramics, hence, if you take a chip and see that they’re manufactured from plastic or another material, it’s definitely a fake one. They’ll also feel completely different while you’re holding them, so, pay attention to this particular detail too.


Although most people think that it’s impossible, there are fake casino chips that you should be extra careful about. Hence, if you ever get suspicious of them while you’re playing your favorite gambling games, check the colors, markings, logo, and materials or you can ask one of the employees to check for invisible markings under a UV light or to check whether or not they feature a tracking device within them.

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