7 Sic-Bo Rules and Basic Tips all beginners should know

Have you ever heard of Sic Bo before? This is a super popular game, often played in casinos all over Asia and Macau. Residence and locals are familiar with it, and almost everyone has tried out their luck once or twice before. However, thanks to our modern technology, you can easily access and enjoy the game online and with most casinos, no reason to travel to Asia nowadays! Modern graphics make your experience super enjoyable. If you want to know more about this game and its rules keep on reading, we have everything listed down below!

Is the game hard to play?

Anyone taking a look at Sic Bo will feel lost at first. The game looks nothing like your typical game of craps or roulette, and it will take some time to master. Here is what to expect:

  • The game is played with chips that are placed on areas depicting outcomes you want to bet on. At the start of each play, you will need to announce your wager by placing your chips on the part of the table that corresponds to the bet that you would like to make.
  • There is a dealer in the game who will shake three dice in a tiny chest or in see-through glass. You don’t actually touch the dice, the process is entirely left to the dealer.
  • You will win for every number or sum you have predicted and lose if your predictions were wrong.

PS: in the online version everything is automated and done through a computer, with the exact same payout ratio and difficulty level as actual in-person casinos.

Sic-Bo Rules and Basic Tips


1. Small and big bets

Starting out with the rules of small and big bets, there is a lot that you have to understand and pay close attention to. Here are the most common and important beginner rules:

  • A small bet is thought to be any dice sum number that is between numbers 4-10.
  • A big bet is a sum between numbers 11 and 17.

Why are these small in terms of their payout? Because they have a small house edge. Sic Bo, unlike most other games that you might find at a casino, has a relatively high return to player rate (RTP).

2. What about numbers 3 and 18?


Have you noticed that the sums of numbers 3 and 18 are not listed above? Well, there is a reason for that! In fact, if you bet Small or Big, you are actually facing a triple sum. The triple sum is also known and displayed through 3 numbers of the same kind (1,1,1, or 6,6,6). Any of these two will make you lose. They have a probability of 48.61 percent.

3. What different options can you take?

Because Sic Bo is a game of luck, there is no real way to influence the outcome of the dice roll. However, there are some strategies, tips, and tricks that may help you have a better time at the table. The truth is that you don’t have to bet on specific dice combinations, you can bet on any specific sum that you choose to go for. The biggest payouts are won through the sum of 4 and 17. This is because these two numbers are achievable only in three ways, while different numbers will have different outcomes.

4. Single dice bet


You can play a single dice bet if you want to. This means that you choose the number and its outcome in advance. It is up to you to say if the number is going to appear on one, two, or three dice. Choose any number from 1-6. The more it appears as you play it, the more you get! In fact, the payout is 1:1 for one single guessed number, 2:1 for two of them, and 3:1 for three numbers. The real question is how lucky are you feeling?

5. What to know about double and triple bets

A double bet is a good move to make if you feel like you’re going to get 2 of the numbers on 2 different dice in one go. Why do people love it? Due to its high payout of 10:1! However, your chances of getting this are very slim (you are looking at a 7.4 chance of it happening).

In case you go for a triple bet, you are looking at a payout of 30:1. This option is a risky one and offers only a 0.55% probability to win.

6. How to play and how many bets to place?



There are no strict rules, you are left to gamble and play all you want! In fact, choose an option that suits you since the more the merrier rule does apply in this case in terms of your chance of winning. With most places, you are allowed to bet up to 16 areas per one roll. However, this will depend on your bankroll and how much you can allow yourself to lose. The truth is that big & small bets are the safest to play.

7. Be smart with your gameplay

Take your time to master the game, but do not be naive about it, especially if you find yourself winning and thinking that it is beginners’ luck. A lot of gamblers turn to gambler’s fallacy when playing, which is a myth. We tend to believe that if something happens more frequently at some point, it will occur less frequently later on. This rule is often applied to mistakes and losses that have happened early on in the round. However, be smart about it and remember that the outcomes of the dice are dependent on what happened before.

Want to have online fun?


Sic Bo can be a sick game to play! The truth is that it may take some time for you to master it. If you want to give it a go and have fun at a trustworthy site, click on this link! Once you register and read the rules just know that fun is guaranteed!

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