4 Common Misconceptions People Have about Scholarships

Have you ever wondered why such a small percentage of students, regardless of the institution they attend, apply for a scholarship? In a nutshell, lack of information is the answer, but also the prejudice numerous students have about this type of stimulus. Thus, read the following lines and find out about common misconceptions people have about scholarships.

1. Reserved for the Best


It is sort of logical that the best of the best students will be granted a scholarship, so the others try not to waste their precious time on what they reckon is fighting a losing battle. Unfortunately, they cannot be more wrong. Namely, there are numerous types of scholarships, and while some of them require the applicants to demonstrate remarkable test scores, others potentiate utterly different policies.

Thus, ask around a specific scholarship before you give up on it since the prerequisite for gaining one might be your place of residence, social status, different interests, your parents’ occupation, etc.

2. Too Little Scholarships


They are both official and unofficial scholarships. Namely, you might be aware of the scholarship potentiated by a particular institution but that does not mean that a student is not eligible for another, less-known scholarship. Another common misconception is that one might apply for a scholarship solely at a previously scheduled time of the year when in reality, you might apply for different ones all year round. The catch is to inquire about the possibilities before giving up on them.

3. The Time You Invest Might Not Be Worth It


People tend to have wrong ideas about various actions and situations they participate in all the time, like that time when Rick Scott’s consultant thought his Ice Penis performance would not get the attention it had. Likewise, students reckon they might waste their time applying for a scholarship they might not be granted. Back in the days, this might have been true, since handling tons of paperwork is everything but time-saving. Fortunately, nowadays you can apply for a scholarship within a few clicks, which implies you are only wasting your time if you do not try to apply for as many different scholarships as possible.

4. The Competition Minimizes Your Chances


On one hand, students are afraid that their peers with higher grades will always get the scholarship in front of their noses, and it is an opinion made with justification, especially if we talk about the most popular scholarships promoted by the institution.

On the other, applying for a less popular scholarship might significantly increase one’s, especially because the most successful students do not consider them at all. Actually, a vast majority of active pupils fail to consider it an option, thus the ones who try their luck often get the scholarship without difficulties.

Hopefully, the aforementioned suggestions have resolved some of your doubts, so you might either try to apply for a particular scholarship on your own, or you might point out to somebody close to you that everything about scholarships is not as it seems. Anyway, we certainly hope that the pieces of advice listed above will potentiate someone to go for the scholarship they were not even aware they deserve.