How to Migrate AOL Mail to Gmail – Let’s Know How

I lost my AOL mail several years back, and then, I read about Google mail, and how one can migrate AOL mail to Gmail. I bought a tutorial, and I’m here to give you a step by step guide on how to migrate AOL mail to Gmail. This guide includes how to export all your AOL mail.

The next time you decide to switch off your Gmail account and start using the email service provided by your ISP, there’s a high possibility that you might miss the huge number of benefits that Gmail offers. Of course, switching to Gmail may cost you a few bucks in the initial stages, but it will surely save you money in the long run.

If you’re an AOL Mail user and are looking to make the switch to Gmail, you might wonder, “How do I get my messages to Gmail?” The good news is there are several methods and websites to help you out, but the bad news is, they can be confusing and will require some time and effort. We’ll clear up any confusion and show you how to get your AOL Mail messages to Gmail account in just a matter of minutes using Google’s tool.

“Having numerous email addresses isn’t a big deal these days, but organizing that data and monitoring different accounts on a daily basis to stay connected with the message might be challenging. This technical guide will show you how to convert AOL Mail to Gmail, as well as how to import AOL contacts into Gmail and many other things.”

AOL Mail is a free web-based email service that AOL offers. It allows you to access your account via IMAP. As a result, you may access your email from both mobile and desktop email apps. Gmail, on the other hand, is one of the most popular email clients for sending and receiving messages, and users can effortlessly manage their contacts, calendars, and projects.

One can preview Gmail data in AOL mail by installing a plug-in, but what about the other way around? Don’t be concerned. You may also transfer your emails, contacts, and folders from AOL to Gmail.

The Benefits of Importing AOL Mail to Gmail

  • Because AOL’s server strength is low, you’ll have to log back in to check your email on a regular basis.
  • Users may experience slowness when accessing their AOL mail.
  • The majority of AOL mail emails are automatically routed to the spam folder, which means that users’ emails are automatically routed to the spam folder in their inbox.
  • When using AOL mail, you may encounter pop-ups requesting for signatures on your emails. As a result, loading and closing it takes a long time.

The transfer of AOL mail to Gmail is for a variety of reasons. The question now is: How can I migrate from AOL Mail to Gmail? Let’s have a look at the steps involved in doing so.

Way to Import AOL Emails & Contacts Into Gmail


Copying all archived and inbox folder emails from the AOL mail account onto Gmail will be a breeze. To transfer AOL mail to Gmail, follow the steps outlined above.

  1. Copy all emails you want to transfer from your AOL Mail Sent Mail and Spam folders to a specific folder and name it Downloaded Mail or another unique folder name in the AOL Mail product. Note: Messages from the Draft and Spam folders will not be imported.
  2. Open Gmail and log in with the required credentials.
  3. Click the Setting Gear Icon in the opening dashboard.
  4. From the drop-down menu, choose See All Settings.
  5. Select Accounts and Import from the drop-down menu.
  6. When you click the Import mail and contacts link, the Import dialog box displays.
  7. Now, click the Continue option and input your AOL Mail email address.
  8. Tap Continue after entering your AOL mail password.
  9. You must check whether or not the Import contacts and Import mail boxes are checked. Select Import new mail for the next 30 days to automatically import AOL mail emails into Gmail accounts for the next 30 days.
  10. Finally, pick the Start import button, and after the import is finished, click OK.

How to Stop AOL Mail From Being Imported Into Gmail

Users may decide that they can no longer transfer their AOL Mail emails to Gmail, in which case they should follow the steps below:

  • Go to your Gmail account and sign in.
  • From the top-right window, select the Setting Gear Icon.
  • Select the See All Setting section from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, browse over the Accounts and Import tab.
  • Select Stop or Delete next to the AOL account from which you no longer want email in the Import Mail and Contacts process.
  • Finally, touch the OK button to confirm that you want to halt the Gmail email import process. The email address is then instantly removed.

How to Forward AOL Email to Gmail in the Future

You can also set the setting to automatically move AOL Mail to Gmail; to do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign In to your Gmail account with the required id & password.
  2. Select the Setting option in the initial wizard.
  3. Then choose the option to see all settings.
  4. Open the Accounts and Import tab in the configuration wizard.
  5. Click the Add a mail account option in the Check mail from other accounts section.
  6. Click the Next button after entering your AOL email address.
  7. Select the Link accounts with Gmailify option in the following step and then press the Next button.
  8. On the screen, a new login pop-up page displays; input your AOL mail account email address and click the Next button.
  9. Solve the puzzle to confirm your identity, then hit Next.
  10. Click the Next button after entering the AOL mail password in the required area.
  11. Once you’ve logged in using your AOL email address, you’ll need to give Gmail permission to access your account.
  12. Finally, thoroughly review the agreement before clicking the Agree button.

Migrate AOL Mail to Gmail in an Automated Way

SysInfo AOL Backup Tool is a secure and well-known tool for transferring AOL mailbox emails to Gmail with complete data correctness. The software can convert AOL emails to a variety of file types and email clients, including PST, PDF, EML, EMLX, OST, CSV, Gmail, Office 365, Thunderbird Hotmail, Zoho Mail, Yandex Mail, and others. How to Save AOL Email to Computer is a topic that users may learn about. You can also delete duplicate emails, schedule email backups, migrate/backup emails without attached files, use the mail filter, clear up AOL mail server capacity, and maintain folder hierarchy, among other things.


We learned in this blog that AOL mail and Gmail are free email services that are used to send and receive emails between two clients or companies. However, if you want to move your AOL email to Gmail for a variety of reasons, you can use the procedures described above. In addition, use a professional service to move AOL emails to Gmail without difficulty.

Good news as Google has announced the rollout of AOL email to their mail app. Well, the bad news is it is not available yet. The good news is you can try it before it becomes official. For those of you who have used AOL email, the experience is not so different from Gmail. So you will not feel any changes in your life when the rollout on the first part. But for the rest of the users, you may face some problems; this is why you should know how to migrate AOL mail to Gmail.. Read more about forward aol mail to gmail 2023 and let us know what you think.

You can forward your AOL email to another email address by following these steps:

1. Log into AOL and go to Account
2. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the page
3. Select Forwarding/Changing Email Address
4. Enter your new email address and click Submit”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move my AOL email to Gmail?

You can use the web-based tool at to move your email from AOL to Gmail.

How do I set up AOL Email with Gmail?

To set up AOL Email with Gmail, you will need to create an AOL account. Once you have created your account, log into it and then go to the Settings tab. From there, select Email Settings and then Add a Mail Account. Enter your Gmail email address and password in the fields provided, then click on the Next Step button.

How do I forward my AOL email to another email address?

You can forward your AOL email to another email address by following these steps: 1. Log into AOL and go to Account 2. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the page 3. Select Forwarding/Changing Email Address 4. Enter your new email address and click Submit

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