Windows 365 Cloud PC is here and its services start at $20 a month

The Windows 365 Cloud PC is here, and its services start at $20 a month. The Windows 365 Cloud PC is here, and its services start at $20 a month

There is a time in a life, where you want to get off the desktop but you havent yet moved to your dream cloud computer. That time is now. Windows 365 is an all-in-one device that is a Windows PC and a Windows tablet.

Microsoft’s Windows 365 Cloud PC is an interesting concept that has been around for a while now. Essentially, it’s a real PC that users can access from anywhere in the world, and it’s powered by Microsoft Azure. In addition, you have access to all of the same apps you’d use on your desktop or laptop. But, the services are not just restricted to your computer—you can use them on your phone, too.


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  • For a monthly charge, you can now take Windows 10 or 11 with you everywhere you go via the Windows 365 cloud.
  • This service will allow you to install Windows on almost any device, including Macs, iPads, and Android tablets.
  • There are a multitude of configurations to fit your company’s specific demands, and it all starts at just $20 per month.
  • You must have the Windows Hybrid Benefit to use the Cloud PC; otherwise, the fees will be more than expected.


We’re sure you already know what this is, but just in case you don’t, Windows 365, a cloud PC service that lets you take Windows 10 or 11 with you wherever you go using the power of the cloud, has officially debuted.

This service will allow you to install Windows on almost any device, including Macs, iPads, and Android tablets.

Isn’t it amazing?

The cost of a Microsoft 365 Cloud PC starts at $20 per month.

If you wish to use these services, you must pay a monthly charge, which starts at just $20 per month.

The big difference is that this service is aimed at businesses and enterprise clients, so if you believe everyone can get a Windows 365 plan whenever they need Windows for a short time on a non-native device, you’re wrong.

So, armed with this knowledge, if you want to buy this service, you can acquire a 1vCPU, 2GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and 12GB of outbound data for $20 per user per month if you start at the bottom end of the spectrum.

Furthermore, using the Cloud PC necessitates having the Windows Hybrid Benefit, as the minimum monthly buy-in is $24 without it.


The 8vCPU, 32GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, and 70GB of outbound data option for $162 per person per month, or $158 if you have Windows Hybrid Benefit, is at the other end of the pricing spectrum.

There are a lot of possible configurations in between these levels to fit your business’s individual demands.

You can even save money each month by lowering the RAM and storage gigabyte count.

For a complete list of all the different pricing choices now offered to commercial and enterprise clients, go to Microsoft’s website.

It is also not a difficult service to set up, so don’t be discouraged if you aren’t too technical.


So, if you’re constantly on the move and have determined that you’d like such capabilities for yourself and your company, the options are essentially endless.

What are your thoughts on the new services’ experience versus pricing? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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Windows 365 is a new branded version of Windows 10, which has been launched recently. It is a subscription based service, which is like ‘mobile phone on steroids’ because its packed with all the things you can do with a smartphone, plus the powerful PC features, such as Office, oneDrive, internet, etc. But, unlike a smartphone, you can use Windows 365 on any PC, Mac, or tablet. How much does it cost? Its $20/month for the home, $49/month for the business, and $90/month for the enterprise.. Read more about windows 365 personal and let us know what you think.

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