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Tech21’s Evo Clear case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max is designed to deliver a luxurious grip without compromising ruggedness and durability. This slimline case is made from a mixture of polycarbonate plastic and soft silicone, which gives it a super slim profile, with a premium look and feel.

In the past, a fancy case with a clear back has been a sign of something that costs a lot of money, usually good quality but expensive. A cheap clear case, on the other hand, was a sign of something that barely cost anything and was of low quality. Now, with the tech21 Evo Clear, it’s plain to see that the case is on the high end of the spectrum, but it’s also priced very reasonably. It’s also clear that this case has a lot going for it.

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For cases to safeguard our iPhones and iPads, we’ve always gone with tech21. The tech21 Evo Clear is yet another amazing case that comes with built-in impact protection. We take a close look at the cover for the iPhone 12 Pro Max in this article.

Why would you want to protect your iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max with a clear case? Who wouldn’t, given how much you paid for the stainless steel finish and cameras? But, if there are any unambiguous cases, what are they? There aren’t many solutions that provide a translucent, see-through look while while providing full protection.

Packs of iPhone 12 Pro Max tech21 Evo Clear

On Amazon, look for iPhone 12 Pro Max Clear Cases.

You can find clear hard plastic cases, including one from Apple, but you’ll be sacrificing protection in the process. Any hit or drop will have a direct impact on the iPhone. There is no impact absorption or bumpers to cushion the hit or the fall.

Drop protection is essential.

The last thing you want to do after spending so much money on a flagship phone is to scuff, damage, or drop it. A case with impact protection should suffice, providing you with piece of mind. The tech21 Evo Clear, on the other hand, takes a step further, providing drop protection up to 3.6m (12ft). Other manufacturers claim that it is more than twice as high as the average. That should take care of everything.

A Closer Examine

Clear front tech21 Evo

Now, tech21 may be marketing this as a clear case, and it is clear and transparent, but it has a fuzzy appearance. We would have preferred it to be completely transparent, as clear as glass if possible, but we understand that the only materials that can provide a true see-through feel are hard perspex glass (polycarbonate plastic) or glass itself, both of which will shatter on impact and provide almost no drop protection.

It’s best to use darker colours.

Tech21, on the other hand, is marketing these as “absolutely clear situations” – their words, not ours. As a result, we believe it is worthwhile to inform our readers of their little secret. The Graphite (dark grey) model of the iPhone 12 Pro Max was chosen to promote the protective cover on their website. This absorbs more light and makes the finish less hazy.

When comparing the cases and phones side by side, we can see this in the Pacific Blue (dark blue) version (left) (see below). The haziness effect is more noticeable in the Gold edition than in the darker blue edition. We’re not sure if this has the same effect on the Silver edition. Given that the Silver edition has a white glass back, we expect the haziness will be less noticeable.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is protected by the tech21 Evo Clear case.

A smidgeon of blue

Then we spotted a tinge of blue in the ostensibly “completely transparent” cloth. It complements the Pacific Blue (dark blue) edition, but stands out against the Gold edition. That is, we can tell it has a light blue tinge right away. It’s most noticeable around the edges, particularly on the corner bumpers, buttons, and top bezel (see below).

Evo tech21 Turn the correct side up.

So, here’s a shot of the back of our iPhone 12 Pro Max Gold edition with the Evo Clear cover.

rear tech21 Evo Clear

Notice how the trace of blue becomes more visible as the cloth thickens.

Evo Clear camera cluster by tech21

The power button and protective edges are in the same boat.

evoclear power button (tech21)

The volume rocker and ring/silent button cut-out are positioned on the opposite side, as shown below.

Tech21 evoclear quiet slider and volume rocker

All of the cut-outs are smooth and clean, with the proper depth and polish. This is especially true in areas with speakers, microphones, and a lightning port.

evoclear charging port by tech21

Cameras on the Back are Protected

Close-up of the iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Lenses

The camera cluster has a taller ring than the rest of the casing. This is to protect the bulges on the camera and the glass lens. It also means the phone won’t lay flat on its back. We aren’t too concerned because it doesn’t lay flat even without the case. Indeed, we are grateful that it is capable of preventing any flat or rough surface from coming near those glass lenses. The elevated surround has a blue tinge once more.


Clear cases, depending on the material used, are prone to yellowing over time. Its color will change over time as it is exposed to sunshine and UV. These thicker silicone cases, like the evoclear below, can discolor over time. The evoclear case will not fade or turn yellow, according to Tech21. In any situation, having the claim is preferable to not having it. Only time will tell if this is true.

Tech21’s iPad Mini Case is yellow.


Bacteria or microbe-reducing formula and MagSafe charger compatibility are two further aspects that may be of interest. The former is more of a marketing ploy. As a matter of habit and for hygienic reasons, it’s a good idea to keep your hands and handset clean. The latter, on the other hand, Most scenarios, including third-party ones, are likely to support this capability. After all, these are polycarbonate, silicone, faux leather, or plastic cases, none of which will interfere with Qi wireless charging. It does not, however, include a magnetic ring to connect the phone and case. Like any other case, it relies on the tight rubber ring to keep the phone from sliding off the edges. It is absolutely amazing value at less than half the price of Apple’s own case, and we would recommend it for complete protection from drops and scratches. We are, after all, cautious consumers who regard this as more of an insurance policy.

The following are your additional obvious case options:

tech21-Evo-Clear-for-iPhone-12-Pro-Max-review-%E2%80%93iPhone 12 Pro Max Clear Case by Apple ” data-medium-file=”×300.jpg” data-large-file=””/>

Apple Clear Case iPhone 12 Pro Max

1627285168_56_tech21-Evo-Clear-for-iPhone-12-Pro-Max-review-%E2%80%93SYMMETRY CLEAR SERIES BY OTTERBOX ” data-medium-file=”×300.jpg” data-large-file=””/>


1627285169_959_tech21-Evo-Clear-for-iPhone-12-Pro-Max-review-%E2%80%93Evo Sparkle by Tech21 ” data-medium-file=”×300.jpg” data-large-file=””/>

Tech21 Evo Sparkle

On Amazon, look for iPhone 12 Pro Max Clear Cases.



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TECH21 is a great iPhone case.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Does TECH21 pure clear turn yellow?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
TECH21 pure clear does not turn yellow.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is iPhone 12 Pro Max worth buying?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is a good phone, but its not worth the price.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TECH21 a good iPhone case?

TECH21 is a great iPhone case.

Does TECH21 pure clear turn yellow?

TECH21 pure clear does not turn yellow.

Is iPhone 12 Pro Max worth buying?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is a good phone, but its not worth the price.

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