4 Tips for Building a Booming Bakery Website

As a baker, you are a master with your hands and able to turn simple ingredients into delicious treats.

You are a scientist, designer, artist and cook all under the one baking hat. What you may not be is a website guru or an IT expert, but you don’t need to be when it comes to building a bakery website.

Whether you are new to the baking business world or simply need to dust off the flour and build a website for your established bakery, you’ve come to the right place.

These are our top tips on how to build a successful and stunning bakery website!

1. Look at Different Bakery Websites


Yes, check out what your competition is doing and what other bakery websites look like as well as how they function.

This does not mean, you should go out and copy what you see, but it will help you develop a plan and get an idea of what you should and shouldn’t do. From a user perspective, you may find things on competitors’ websites that you really like and other things that you don’t find user-friendly.

An example of a bakery website that has a clear color scheme, engaging images, contact forms, blogs, and a product menu is Suprima Bakeries.

2. Make an Impact with Color


And, we mean a good impact.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking using bright colors or using numerous colors instantly grabs the audience’s attention. This is a website after all and not a kid’s birthday party.

When it comes to designing a website, color is not the be-all and end-all. If your website features too many colors, it will look cluttered and may distract your audience from the main attraction – your delicious baked goods and bakery.

Consistency is also important. If you already have a company logo and color scheme for your bakery, you should apply the same colors and logos to your website. This helps to develop your personal brand.

3. Have Contact and Order Forms Available


While your bakery website is beneficial for contact information and company details, chances are the main reason people are visiting your site is to see the delicious goods you can bake.

So, while tempting their tastebuds with photos is also essential, there is no point in having a gallery if you can’t secure an order or query in the moment of interest.

For the website users’ convenience, ensure your contact form or order form are visible and easily accessible. To maximize your reach, it is also important to make sure these forms are compatible with mobiles and tablets.

4. Include Photos and a Menu


Considering the bread, cakes, pastries, pies and other baked goods are the main attraction and what gets customers in your door, it is a good idea to also showcase these items on your website along with a product list or menu.

When it comes to building your bakery website, consider everything the customer may wish to know. This may include ingredients or where your raw materials are sourced from, opening hours, loyalty programs, and your bakery’s story.

Having a website with an ordering platform may help increase sales and reach new customers, particularly those who prefer to shop online. According to Ibisworld, households are purchasing more bread and bakery products from supermarkets largely due to the cheaper price and convenience, which includes online shopping services.

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