4 Ultimate Gift Ideas For The Action Man In Your Life

Some men love the rough and tumble of an adventure or the thrill of living on the edge. That said, action-packed gifts are more exciting and memorable than standard sentimental gifts.

If you’re fretting over what to buy the action-man in your life for Christmas or birthday, why not treat him to an enthralling day of adventure. We guarantee he will love these white-knuckle experiences.

1. Airsoft Skirmish


If you’ve never heard of Airsoft before, it’s the latest craze sweeping the nation. Similar to paintball, but with harmless air-filled pellets. If you find a well-organized Airsoft Skirmish, your man can experience a quasi-battleground environment complete with full military regalia, tanks, and other military vehicles.

Of course, not all Airsoft Skirmishes provide the full metal jacket. The best we’ve seen is Imperium Airsoft in Kent, UK which hosts action-packed Skirmishes on 80 acres of land that has been converted into a battleground featuring, woodland, wasteland, multiple HESCO FOBs, earth firing positions, sandpits, checkpoints, and authentic military relics.

Participants are kitted out with AEG Rifles M4, 2 high capacity mags, full face protection, and tactical vest, battery swap, and 3000 Airsoft pellets. You can always purchase more ammunition onsite, including grenades and smoke bombs. It’s full-on adrenaline-fuelled fun.

2. Tank Driving Safari


Stick with the military theme, have you eve4r considered buying the action man in your life a tank driving experience.

No didn’t think so. It’s a pretty novel idea and is bound to shock and surprise him. We guarantee he will be like a little boy for weeks in the build-up. So what should he expect? offers a thrilling drive in an iconic 15-ton Schutzenpanzer tank over a purpose-built course that includes trenches, sandpits, hills, and boggy marshes. The sessions are an hour long but include an instructor course which usually lasts about 15-minutes.

3. F1 Driving

Source: mclarencars.c

If your fella is a formula one fanatic, the best gift you could possibly buy is surely the chance to get behind the wheel of a supercar. There are several racetracks in the UK that offer the opportunity to drive iconic cars including McLaren 570, F-Type Jaguar, Ferrari F430, or the Aston Martin V8.

F1 driving experiences give guys the chance to drive like they always want to on the roads but are not allowed to. You can hit speeds of 0-100mph in 4.7 seconds. Talking about taking your breath away!

4. Tandem Sky Diving


Don’t buy the action man in your life a jumper. Give him the opportunity to be a jumper. Tandem sky diving is an unforgettable experience performed in the safety of trained professionals. You basically jump out of a plane with an expert strapped to your back who takes care of the chute, the controls, and the landing. Phew!

As well as pumping the adrenaline, skydiving can be a transformative experience. So even if the man in your life is not so action-oriented, tandem skydiving could inspire them to step out of their comfort zone more often.

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