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Growth Mindset and the Lies You Tell Yourself

There was a woman named Jessie. She had reached her forties before she recognized she was dissatisfied with her life. She was happily married with two amazing children approaching adulthood. Her home was lovely. However, Jessie felt like she was in a rut. Her daily routine consisted of the same route to work, the same three meals, and the same set of interactions with her family at home.

She finally found what she had been looking for when she overheard a colleague at work talking about a growth mindset. She was taking proper care to follow the directions and stay within the lines. However, Jessie realized that progress was missing from my life when she learned about the growth mindset. Jessie stopped taking risks and exploring new possibilities.

Growth Mindset

The idea that you may improve your skills and abilities via study and experience is central to the “growth mindset.” With a growth mindset, you can tell yourself things like, “I can get better at generating books if I put in the time to practice.” Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ll learn football if I watch enough football.” If you want to grow your knowledge about everything football, make sure to be updated on everything football. Check out to read about the latest football news.

One of the best things about having a growth mindset is the increased agency it provides. If you want to grow, you have to take chances, experiment, and evaluate the results. Those who have adopted a growth mindset see themselves as capable of continuous improvement regardless of their current level of achievement.


Leaning into it

One need not go to extreme measures, such as giving up one’s things and relocating halfway around the world, in order to embrace a development mentality. Keeping an open mind to new ideas and people is key to a growth mindset.

All it takes is a desire to try something new, like a hip-hop dancing class at your gym, a shift away from your usual habits, and an openness to creating relationships with people that are different from you.

After much internal deliberation, Jessie decided to take acting classes. She had a lifelong fondness for musicals and reveled in the prospect of putting on a show for an audience. Therefore, she tried it out and found that she liked it very much. Another benefit of the sessions was a boost in self-assurance that she hadn’t anticipated. The confidence and strength she had lost were slowly returning to her. Because of her improved ability to lead persuasive presentations at work, her manager promoted her within a few months.

But not every shock has been pleasant. Jessie joined a knitting club as well. “Even though I made some great friends there, I soon realized that knitting wasn’t really my thing. Nonetheless, I’m pleased I didn’t rule out giving it a shot.” she thought. Approaching life with an openness to learning and improvement is a beautiful way to proceed. To do this, one must be open to experiencing new things, even if they come with a healthy dose of fear (and excitement).

The Lies You Tell Yourself

Life and relationships can be challenging to craft when you have a fixed attitude. That’s because people with rigid thought patterns frequently make poor decisions because they are led astray by their own preconceived notions. Some of these ideas may have been formed during formative years, later in life, or in response to a traumatic event. But you can go past those false beliefs and create the life you’ve always wanted, no matter when they first began.


“I can’t do it”

Jessie had convinced herself for a long time that she couldn’t be a decent painter. She’s always wanted to dive in headfirst but was afraid of throwing away cash. Another buddy was then advised to adopt a development mindset and see things from a different perspective.

Therefore, Jessie made up her mind to try her hand at painting. She enrolled in evening art lessons so she could go after her job. Jessie would tell herself, “I am gaining more knowledge about art and improving my skills,” whenever she felt the urge to tell herself she wasn’t talented.

“I’m too old to start”

With the help of their teenage grandson, Jessie was embracing retirement while cleaning out the attic. After discovering an ancient pile of notes, he inquired as to their purpose. Jessie clarified that the pieces were, in fact, stories she’d composed when they were younger. “To write books has always been my lifelong dream.” But I’ve gotten too old to do that anymore.”

Her grandchild quoted their most endearing relative: “I change at whatever stage of life.” Then he told her to have faith in herself and submit her manuscript to publishing houses.


“I don’t have the time”

Jessie was a very active mother of two young children. She had an entrepreneurial spirit, but she was too busy with her day job and taking care of her two young girls to begin her own firm. In spite of this, her mother urged her to give it a shot, telling her, “And if you can only commit a few minutes to it every day.”

So, Jessie committed to doing one thing every day, and after a year, she had enough money to quit her job and remain at home with her kids full-time. By adopting a growth mindset and declaring aloud, “I want to create space for my new experience.”

“Too much risk”

Jessie planned to move to Hollywood in order to pursue a career in acting. But despite all of her bluster, she never followed through. She recognized she was terrified of embarrassing herself in front of her loved ones after she gave some thought to the subject of her fears.

She told herself, “Failure is an occurrence; not my identity,” to help her get over the falsehood that she was a failure. Then she tried things like horseback riding, pilates, and crossfit, where she knew she would be at a disadvantage from the outset. However, she learned from her setbacks and gained confidence with each new attempt. It might be challenging to combat false beliefs on your own. You may talk to a reliable person, such as a buddy or a life coach. She may be a pillar of strength and encouragement as you embrace your new outlook.

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