4 Most Controversial US Political Figures In The Last 20 Years

The US has had its fair share of bad seeds in various offices. From Senate to the White House, the US has always had politicians that were willing to do whatever it takes to win. Today, we’re going to talk about those politicians, although not the ones that are inherently bad, but the ones that are merely controversial.

1. Hilary Clinton

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Who would’ve thought that out of two, Hilary was going to be the one on our list? Be that as it may, Hilary Clinton is one of the most beloved politicians in the modern history of the US. She had been the first lady for eight years, Senator from New York and a Secretary of State, and the first woman to ever become nominated for a president. The list of her achievements goes on and on, and there’s no denying that she’s a strong political figure, but there’s also no denying that her email list goes and on, too.

2. George W. Bush

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Bush was a controversial figure before he even got to the office, but upon losing the popular vote and being chosen as the de facto winner of the 2000 elections by the Supreme Court, Bush has cemented himself as one of the most controversial politicians in the history of US. Even though he was at his most popular after the tragic events of 9/11, his popularity didn’t last long. While he was praised for handling the terrorist attack and being a leader post 9/11, he was all but praised for how he handled Hurricane Katrina.

And to say that he was judged for the state of the US economy after his tenure would be an understatement. Namely, the American economy during and after George’s time in office was the worst since the Great Depression, and the war in Iraq certainly didn’t help it.

3. Rick Scott

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Unlike the two we previously mentioned, Rick Scott was nothing but a controversial figure long before he even became a governor of Florida and later a junior member of the US Senate. However, Rick Scott was a businessman – and he still is. We all know of his accomplishments with Columbia/HCA and a two-billion-dollar settlement with the US government, but what really made people realize just how controversial senator Scott could be was when Scott J Cooper, and many others, reported on his consultant’ attempt to be funny in front of a mannequin or when Scott himself voted against the stimulus bill.

4. Donald Trump

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When Donald Trump decided to run for president, he was nothing more but a celebrity businessman with a bad toupee and a surprisingly orange tan. Despite the aforementioned, and the fact that he ran against Hilary Clinton, in 2016, Donald Trump became the president of the United States. During his tenure, Donald had endured and fought off more scandals than Paris Hilton, and Lindsey Lohan had together during their 20s. Interestingly enough, he almost managed to go unscathed through all of them since he almost won the 2023 elections against Joe Biden. But we guess his controversies finally caught up with him…

Final Verdict

As we’ve said, there’s no shortage of these guys on the American political scene, but these four really are something special.

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