How To Promote a Corporate Wellness Program that Produces Results for Employers & Employees Alike

Most people seem to welcome the idea of health & happiness in the workplace; however, many companies do not necessarily follow through with creating a comprehensive wellness program.  According to Laura Linnan, a professor of public health at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and head of the CDC-funded Workplace Health Research Network, “what we know from the literature is that people who have comprehensive programs have better health outcomes and other outcomes we expect from a comprehensive approach.”

From a health perspective, such programs can lead to smoking cessation, weight loss or obesity prevention, and stress management – to name a few.  From a business perspective, corporate wellness practices can decrease absenteeism, increase work productivity & lower heath costs, among other factors.

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Automatic Merchandiser Highlights the Healthy Vending Dilemma!

Although the traditional vending industry regards the healthy vending niche with skepticism, Automatic Merchandiser reveals that operators in today’s environment are more frequently searching for tasty products that meet nutrition requirements.

While people can naturally be hesitant to try something new, something that they’re unfamiliar with, Fresh Franchisee Craig Walters has found that “once people become familiar with the brands and products, they find something that fits their taste palate.”

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Fresh Micro Market Moves into San Diego-Based Online Media Firm Tarr Inc.

Tasked with finding an on-site food service option that would satisfy the employee culture at San Diego-based Tarr Inc., HR Manager Jessica Harper identified the benefit of incorporating a Fresh Micro Market into her company’s environment.  Upon its arrival, the employees here began to take advantage of the convenient, accessible and healthful choices that lined the Fresh Micro Market.  In fact, the response was so successful that the refilling and replenishing schedule had to be adjusted to meet the needs of its employees.

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Fresh High-Tech Vending Machines Gaining Media Attention Alongside Coca-Cola & Best Buy

Minnesota’s Twin Cities have been leading the charge in the way of hosting vending machine transformations.  From the compelling graphics & healthy products that Fresh Healthy Vending provides to the technological and interactive advancements that many vendors, including Coca-Cola & Best Buy, now offer, vending continues to make an impact.

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Fresh Healthy Vending Making Waves in South Florida

Many of us seem to encounter that familiar post-afternoon food coma feeling that leaves us feeling lethargic and sluggish.  Why is this?  More often than not, we’re prone to grab a convenient snack that’s high in fat & sugar, which often relays adverse effects within our bodies.  However, by having healthier snack options accessible, we not only afford our bodies the opportunity to gain a nutritional advantage but we also boost our energy levels!

In an interview with PBG Lifestyle Magazine, one of our Florida-based Fresh Healthy Vending Franchisees, Brian Fettner, noted that “people want healthy options in their communities”; moreover, he states that “[o]bviously people go wrong on healthy eating due to convenience…Fast food chains are one of the largest industries because of that, but accessible healthy vending alleviates that.”  His Palm Beach area business has enabled him to positively impact his community by pairing convenience and health.

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Vending Machine Delivery Delays COULD Push Consumers to Make Healthier Snack Choices

Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL has been conducting an ongoing study that tests how a vending machine operating on time delays for unhealthier items affects the choices consumers are making.  The study has raised over $240,000 in funding from the National Institute of Health and is titled “Time Over Money? A Novel System To Influence Snack Machines Choices”.

The premise of the study is to have consumers select snacks based on a classification of either ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy'; the ‘unhealthy’ snacks will then be released from the machine on a time delay of varying intervals.  Researchers will then review how these delays impact purchase options and sales.

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Fresh Healthy Vending is Pleased To Announce New 3-Year Deal with United Natural Foods, Inc.

Fresh Healthy Vending is pleased to announce the signing of a new 3-year deal with North America’s leading distributor of natural, organic and specialty foods, United Natural Foods, Inc.  FHV was UNFI’s first national vending account; both companies are excited to continue the partnership and to work together to positively impact the communities that we serve.

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Illinois Approves Plan To Make Vending Machines in State Rest Areas & Welcome Centers Healthier

The state of Illinois recently approved a plan to make vending machines in state rest areas and welcome centers healthier.  The plan requires the inclusion of at least 3 healthy options of 220 calories or less for every 10 items in the machine.  Further, of these 3 options, 2 must be Illinois-made products.

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Fresh Healthy Vending Books 88 Franchised Units & Secures 115 Franchisee Locations in February

Yahoo Finance

With February closed, Fresh Healthy Vending announces that we’ve booked 88 franchised units for a total of $832,850 in anticipated future revenue and secured 115 franchisee locations in the second month of 2015.

Further, February proved to be successful as we were gratefully awarded a 1.5 year contract with Minnesota’s largest school district: Anoka-Hennepin, as well as featured on KUSI’s highly touted program “Good Morning San Diego”.

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